My Week of Reading (4 - 9 February 2019)

By Carmen, 10 February 2019

Hey everyone,

Still trying to keep somewhat relaxed, been trying to do a little bit more leisure reading; but I’ve also had to do some review reading this week. Ultimately, I did three blog posts this week.

Norman by Michelle Olson:

Amazon: Amazon Review - Norman

Goodreads: Goodreads Review - Norman

Here is my blog review of the book: Blog Review - Norman

ASAP – As Soon as Possible by Patricia E. Gitt:

Goodreads: Goodreads Review - ASAP – As Soon as Possible

Here is my blog review of the book: Blog Review - ASAP – As Soon as Possible

As always, you’ll notice that there is no Amazon review link; and this is because it’s an Editorial Review – and these aren’t allowed on Amazon. If you want to find out more information about the book promotion company I did the review with, you can find out information about them here – and if you’re an author; please consider supporting them! This is the third review that I’ve done from them.

Small Great Things by Jodi Picoult:

Amazon: Amazon Review - Small Great Things

Goodreads: Goodreads Review - Small Great Things

Here is my blog review of the book: Blog Review - Small Great Things

Monthly Reading Goals:

And I have finally got the next review up from the contemporary section that I managed to finish in January; and that is the last review that I posted above: Small Great Things. Depending on how things go, I’ve sort of been able to start February’s reading goals, so I’ll keep you updated with this.

Last Word:

I’ve got a teeny tiny little bit of review reading to do this week, and will most likely be doing two review this upcoming week. At the moment, I’m busy reading ‘Where Do You Go To’ by Jean Cerfontaine, and have also been doing a bit of non-fiction christian re-reading as well.

Hope you had a great week of reading,

Chat Soon,