About the Tranquil Reader

Before 2016, I hadn’t known that there was such a thing as book bloggers, and when I started my own blog on Blogspot in 2016, it started out as a hobby as a book reviewer and book blogger.

Since then, it has slowly evolved and become so more than a hobby. I have had the privilege to know other book reviewers, book bloggers, book readers, authors as well very small/indie publishing companies.

A whole new world of books opened up when I started my blog. Having previously read a lot from books I lent at the library or from the books that I occasionally bought; I now had access to books that were self-published or published with an indie publishing company, and this is a world that I hadn’t even known existed. I slowly started becoming exposed to the world of book reviewing, and it was a wonderful world to dive into.

Soon, I was scheduling book reviews for authors – not many at first, but the number slowly grew. Now I keep a calendared schedule of books I need to review every month. I try to keep a mix of books that I read for review, and those that I read for leisure.

I read a lot of indie/self-published books, though I also enjoy reading traditionally published books as well. Since I’ve been blogging, I’ve developed relationships with a lot of authors, and am always open to authors as well as publishing companies contacting me for book reviews.

Besides for reading and blogging, I enjoy listening to music on Spotify, occasionally watching TV series, going on social media, watching videos on Youtube as well writing.

I started my blog in March 2016 as a hobby, and in 2018 I took on the blog full time, loving the freedom of working for myself as well as always being open to growing as a blogger.


Bio image by Carmen Harris