Review - ASAP - As Soon As Possible by Patricia E. Gitt

By Carmen, 6 February 2019
My Copy of the Book

Year Published: 2011

Genre: Contemporary; Suspense; Women’s Fiction

‘For all of her expertise in computers, handwriting her appointments was one way she slowed down her fast-paced life. Everything seemed to be needed as soon as possible. ASAP was her life.’

- Suzanne Moss, ASAP – As Soon As Possible


When Suzanne Moss, co-founder of a technology company learns that her firm is targeted for a major theft, she begins an international chase that takes her from Manhattan to Asia to secure her company’s safety from thieves. As the mother of two preteens and wife of fast-tracked Wall Street attorney, her already overly scheduled life is thrust into warp speed. With the guidance and support of her business partner with secrets of his own, she races to resolve the threaten theft, only to learn of her husband’s treachery that placed both her company and children in jeopardy.

About the Author:

Patricia E. Gitt is the author of corporate crime novels featuring women balancing dynamic careers with private lives. Raised in Kings Point, New York, she earned her BS degree from the University of Vermont and an MBA from Fordham.

During her career as an executive in public relations, she also served as Chapter President of American Women in Radio and Television, was listed in editions of "Who's Who of American Women", "Who's Who in Finance and Industry", and "Who's Who in Professional and Executive Women."

Patricia's experience working with many outstanding women executives in finance, healthcare, fashion and pharmaceutical industries gave her insight into the character and discipline of these leaders. She says, "I wanted to read novels featuring their strength, the qualities that made them successful business leaders, and how women balanced their dynamic careers with their private lives."

Her latest novel FYI An Unintended Consequence is a tale of a woman being terrorized by fake news.

She also the author of CEO, that asks whether being chief executive officer of a corporation empowers the woman, or does being a woman empower the CEO.

Her second novel ASAP -as soon as possible- A settling of scores, is the story of a woman wronged fighting back.

Patricia's third novel, TBD -to be determined- A game changer, is a tale that asks whether a women would risk her career to help hunt for a blackmailer?

Connect with the Author:

Twitter: Patricia E. Gitt Twitter

Author Website: Patricia E. Gitt Author Website

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Editorial Review:

Plot: 3/5

Flow: 4.5/5

Character Development: 4/5

World Building: 4/5

Overall: 4/5 Stars

This book revolves around Suzanne Moss; her partner Brad Stanton and her husband, Leonard – these are the main viewpoints that the story encompasses. Suzanne has to work though betrayal on personal and business levels. Along the way, she makes discoveries of her own failing points. This novel made for easy and pleasant reading; with quite a bit focused on Suzanne’s work life.

One thing I really liked was Suzanne’s support system; from work as well as in her personal life. Outside of the friends that supported her through everything, there wasn’t a huge amount said about the rest of her personal life, other than what was going on with her husband – Leonard; who could be quite a dodgy character at times. Brad ended up being one of those slightly mysterious characters.

The two focal points in this book was where Suzanne had to sort out the black market situation with her company, and then deal with her personal life and problems with her husband, Leonard. Both of these aspects were interesting in their own way; though the black market situation was resolved quicker than I thought it was going to be. I’d also expected that the problems with her husband was going to be resolved quite a bit slower than it actually was. By the end of this book, Suzanne has slowed down her life a little bit, as well as making time for herself.

There were times where I felt that Suzanne over-reacted a little bit; especially with the black market situation with her company. What actually ended up happening was relatively quickly and quietly resolved in comparison to what was going on in Suzanne’s mind.

For those who enjoy contemporaries with light suspense, try picking this book up.

My Take on the Book:

This book ended up being a pleasant read. In some sort of sense, Suzanne had a slight balance going on in her life; even though she was busy quite a bit with work – she still got the support that she needed when things didn’t go as planned. I received a review copy.

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