Disclaimer from the Tranquil Reader

The reviews that I do on this blog – whether they are books that I’ve received for review or a book that I’m reading for leisure – the opinions and views expressed are always honest and are my own.

There will be the odd occasion where I use affiliate links from Amazon for books in my book reviews; but please be aware that even though I will be using affiliate links from time to time, that the opinions and views expressed in my reviews are honest and are my own. I will also be stating at the bottom of the review if I used an affiliate link. There will be times where I’ll only be able to link a certain format of the book simply because another option isn’t available at that point in time. Affiliate links are used to help keep this website running.

I’ve had the opportunity to become an EDITORIAL REVIEWER for BooksGoSocial – The International Review of Books – and will occasionally be posting reviews. I will also state when I have received a book from BooksGoSocial for an Editorial Review. Please note that part of this review is going to consist of views and opinions that are my own. To find out more information about them, please use this link.