Guest Post by Annette Miller

By Carmen, 3 October 2020

Hello Everyone,

One thing I haven’t done for a while is a guest post. This guest post that I’m presenting today is from an author whose book I’ve reviewed – ‘Night Angel’ by Annette Miller – and the post explores other authors she admires, and what inspires her to write. Enjoy!

Guest Post by Annette Miller

Authors I admire:

I really admire Terry Brisban, Patricia Potter, Carolyn McSparren, and Shirley Hailstock. All of these women are very supportive and always willing to advise new authors on how to improve their writing skills. They’re all wonderful writers and amazing women. I’m proud to have them in my life.

What inspires me to write:

Music is my main source of inspiration. I listen to everything from Yanni to Grover Washington Jr. to Godsmack. A song from one of my favorite hard rock bands, Fozzy, helped me figure out what was missing from my 4th book, Angel in Shadow. Their song, Judas, inspired the internal conflict in my hero.

I realized the hero needed more depth. I was listening to the Judas CD and the words from the title track struck me. I knew what I needed to add.

What scene I’m writing depends on the music I listen to. If it’s a tender scene, I’ll put in New Age, smooth jazz, or Celtic. If it’s an intense scene or fight scene, that’s where the hard rock comes in.

Angel in Shadow just finaled in the American Fiction Awards this August.

To find out more about this author, you can access her website here, if you’d like to check out her books, you can do so here, and lastly – if you want to see the review I’ve posted about ‘Night Angel’, you can do so here. Thank you so much to Annette Miller for offering to do a guest post!