Review - Miao Shan: The Awakening by G.A.M. Morris

By Carmen, 2 February 2019
Book Cover

Year Published: 2019

Genre: Historical Fiction with elements of fantasy

Series: Miao Shan - Book 1


When ten year old Chow lei witnessed her parent’s brutal murder at the hands of Hong Kong Triad members she was emotionally scarred for life.

Only when Chow Lei joined a Shaolin Kung Fu school does any emotional healing occur. After a year of training her grandmother reticently agrees to send her to the Shaolin Temple. Lei had continued to do training at the Temple and has aptitude for martial arts and a lack of compassion. At the Temple she was renamed Miao-Shan, from a legend about the Chinese Buddhist Goddess of compassion, Guan Yin. She goes home to search for Justice against the Triads. Follow her journey to justice!

About the Author:

I started writing completed novels in 2010. From 1988 till 2010 I wasn't satisfied with my work, so I didn't finish a novel until then. I used to be an antique dealer, so history, antiques, and art often appear in my work. I always strive for a plot that is a little 'off the wall', as that is what I enjoy reading myself. I also enjoy 'show not tell', hence when you read my work, you will find it almost feels like you are watching a movie, not reading a book.

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My Take on the Book:

I really liked the writing style, as well as the topic with the culture woven into it, and it had quite an intriguing concept to it.

There were times when I felt as if there were one too many ‘bully’ scenes in here – it seemed as if it was a convenient conflict fallback. I liked how there were people that were watching out for Chow Lei; but there were people who weren’t close to Lei who would never have suspected that she led a double life. I ended up giving this book a four star rating and got an ARC in exchange for an honest review.

Last Word:

I feel that this author has got potential – I hope he carries on improving as an author and definitely can’t wait until the next book comes out.