The Bookish Year of 2018

By Carmen, 31 December 2018

Hello Everyone,

The first thing I’m going to say is that overall; I’ve read a total of 122 books, which is quite a bit more than last year (82).

It was my first year of being self-employed; which I thought went alright – and am hoping for better things next year.

This year – I made more of a conscious effort to do some leisure reading. I also started listening to audio books – even though they’re ones that I’ve read either in paperback or ebook format – and have listened to a total of 4 books this year. Hopefully this is another thing I’ll do more of in 2019. I’m still trying to get used to having to concentrate when listening to an audio book without my mind drifting off.

Besides for overall bookish stats; the ARCs I read this year remain the same (13) as last year, but I managed to read a few more new releases (28) than I did last year (17). I ended up giving more 5 stars this year (17) than I did last year (14). I’m not sure if these stats will change significantly in 2019. I actually find it pretty interesting comparing this year’s stats from last year.

I’ve also been able to take on one or two extra bookish things as well this year; that I’m hoping to continue next year: Editorial Reviews as well as Booktube.

One thing I’m definitely hoping to do next year is improve my reviewing skills.

Last Word:

The first thing I’ll be mentioning in this section is a big THANK YOU to all the authors as well as the readers who have supported this book blog in any way – I really appreciate it!

And the last thing I want to mention before I close off is that I have read quite a few good books this year – so don’t ask me what my favourite book of the year is – BUT – I will be doing a blog post of books worth mentioning that I read this year; so watch out for that!

How was your reading year? Be sure to let me know on social media.