Highlights of the Month - November 2018

By Carmen, 1 December 2018

Hello Everyone,

Can you believe that it’s December already? And can you also believe that I read 12 books in the month of November?!

And, as usual, it’s difficult for me to choose which one was my favourite. So here are my top three – but in no particular order:

- The Coven Princess by Lily Luchesi

- Go Ahead, You’re Home by Tirzah Z.B. Libert

- Sugar and Spice and all those Lies by Evy Journey

I think this is the most books that I’ve EVER read in a month.

Monthly Reading Goals:

Alright, so – I did end up getting both of my monthly goals done; both for Sci-Fi and reading a book by a South African author. With the Sci-Fi review; if you haven’t seen it already, you will most likely see it in tomorrow’s blog post. Which now leads me to DECEMBER’S reading goals that I have:

Read either:

- A Christmas themed book


- A Thriller novel

I’ve been in some weird reading moods lately, and one of them has been to read a thriller – so I’m hoping to get to that this month.

Last Word:

Alright, so I’m not sure how the month of December is going to go – I’m already stacking up the pile of TBR books that I want to get through before the end of the year. Another weird reading mood that I’ve been in lately is to read some sort of literary novel. Don’t ask me where these weird moods come from.

Monthly Freebie:

The freebie for this month is from an author whose books I have read and a series that I thoroughly enjoy: Wanna Get Lucky by Deborah Coonts. This is from the Lucky O’Toole Series, and who is one of my all-time favourite characters. Hope you enjoy – and please remember – be aware that I'm not sure how long this ebook is going to be free, so be sure to use this link as soon as possible.

Hope you had a great month of reading,

Chat Soon,