Bookish Ramblings # 10: Bookish Scenarios that don't sit well with me

By Carmen, 12 November 2018

Hello Everyone,

I’m not sure how much of a relevant topic this is; but I thought it was one that I’d touch on.

Is there any particular bookish scenarios that don’t sit well with you or that make you slightly uncomfortable?

I’m going to tell you mine.

Now – take note, these scenarios are ones that bother me on a moral level or on a conscience level.

I can read almost anything – with some exceptions (i.e. not a fan of erotica) – though I have recently found out that there’s two specific bookish scenarios that I’m definitely not a fan of.

The first one: Places like a swing house and description of activities therein.

This was from a book that I read this year; and even though I’ve already said that I’m not a particular fan of erotica, I thought I’d give this book a go anyways.

Now, even though these were fictional characters as well as scenarios; what kept popping up in the back of my mind is that if something like this had to happen in real life – there is a very good chance that it could lead to some sort of addiction. I get that there are people that lead double lives, though I’m not a fan of those sort of things and don’t really agree with it.

The second one: Entertainment killing in front of a paying audience.

Alright – now with this one: I’m very aware that ‘entertainment killing’ has been around since the infamous Roman times; with gladiators fighting among themselves or against an animal, or even Knights that go and fight against each other on the British continent.

Things have evolved slightly since then. Now you get things that are similar to Russian Roulette on stage, and I know that these sort of things take place very underground usually in criminal circles. The Mafia is also unfortunately one of those circles that are known to not have the greatest regard for human life.

Last Word:

Be sure to let me know on social media if there’s any bookish scenarios that you’re not a particular fan of or that make you uncomfortable. Who knows, I might end up with more bookish scenarios that I’m not exactly a fan of.