Bookish Ramblings # 9: Bookish Buzz Words

By Carmen, 4 September 2018

Hello Everyone,

Bookish Buzz Words…Hmmm.

I’ve heard of them, but haven’t ever become attached to one of these things…until now.

Back in August, I quite surprisingly found that I did actually have some buzz words, and they are:

  • Intellectual
  • Highly Intelligent
  • Witty
  • all involving CHARACTERS.

‘Witty’ and ‘Intellectual’ are ones that I’ve come to like, though ‘Highly Intelligent’ is one I only recently came across – as in August-recently-came-across. Give me any of these three words about characters in a book and you will have me SOLD!

I happened to come across each of these while I was reading Jeffery Deaver’s ‘The Bone Collector’, and if you’ve read the book (or watched the movie), I’m quite sure you can guess who some of these ‘buzz words’ of mine relate to.

Though, one thing I will say, is that even though these are buzz words, the author would have to have a particular knack for putting these character traits into play for me to love the book.

If the author isn’t able to pull this off, the characters are very likely to come across as ‘trying too hard’.

For these traits to come across as authentic and real, usually the author has to have quite a talent for pulling these particular traits off. Out of these traits that I’ve mentioned, the one that I come across the most is wittiness, and I’ve been able to mentally compile a very small list of characters that meet this particular character trait quite well.

Last Word:

Are there any bookish buzz words that you’re a fan of? Let me know through any of the relevant social media channels – I would really like to hear your feedback!