Highlights of the Month - October 2018

By Carmen, 1 November 2018

Hello Everyone,

So yet again another month has passed and it is November.

I somehow managed to read 11 books this month – unbelievable!

And, again – as usual – it’s going to be difficult to choose only one book that I really enjoyed. So here are my choices:

- Queen Elizabeth: The Queen Mother – The Official Biography by William Shawcross

- Lightning – Dean Koontz

- The Six: Scarlett – Samantha March

These books were all awesome reads in different ways.

Monthly Reading Goals:

Alright, so I managed to finish a reading goal for October – which I’m going to be telling you about this weekend. Which leads me to my reading goals for NOVEMBER.

Read either:

A book by a South African author


A Sci-Fi book

Sci-fi is a genre that doesn’t make its way into my reading habits very often, though I definitely have a book in mind that might fit this one.

Last Word:

There is a possibility that November is going to be somewhat of a busy month. In my personal opinion, even though October was a bit of a busy month, it was still one that I quite enjoyed. And I’m definitely hoping that November is going to be the same.

Monthly Freebie:

This month’s freebie is a book that I read recently, The Kimberly Secret by Gabriel Farago, and for those that have been following my blog for a while, you may have heard of him, since I have read some of his books which I have quite enjoyed. Please be aware that I'm not sure how long this ebook is going to be free, so be sure to use this link as soon as possible. Hope you enjoy!

Hope you had a great month of reading,

Chat Soon,