Review - From Fame to Ruin by Jina S. Bazzar

By Carmen, 14 August 2023
Book Cover

Year Published: 2022

Genre: Contemporary, Suspense


As the last heir to Montenegro Enterprises, Carol is forced to leave behind her comfortable life and take control of the corporation. Her inheritance, however, comes with dangerous predicaments that could cost her more than just the family business. Her belief that she’s weathered the worst comes crashing the day she receives a frightening letter from an enemy she didn’t know she had.

Desperate and out of options, Carol turns to the man she hurt and vowed never to approach again.

Ricardo is past spending his nights playing rock music and his days enjoying his fame. He’s forgotten the woman who betrayed him, burying any leftover feelings for her deep within. His life now consists of a tiny office in the family’s hardware store, standing in for lazy employees.

So when Carol reaches out with a wild tale, he’s not exactly inclined to help her.

Memories of the past, startling revelations in the present, and the promise of a future neither believed possible, moor them to each other during this tragic situation.

But can they put their differences aside long enough to escape the danger and make right what once went so wrong?

About the Author:

I'm a freelance writer, a blogger, a mother, a baker, a chocolate fiend, a coffee enthusiast, and sometimes a poet. A wanderer in this vast world, I'm just another body with a passion for the written word. There is no boundary I can't cross, no limit I can't push; my mind is my passport, my thoughts my mode of transportation.

I was born and raised in a quiet, small town in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, where I've had a happy and fulfilling childhood.

Like most writers out there, my love of books began at a young age, with comic books and alphabet poetry two of my favorite and earliest memories. Growing up, I wasn’t an awkward kid, and I didn’t prefer books to people. Unlike most authors out there, I never aspired to become one.

Soon after high school graduation I developed a chronic disease that caused gradual vision loss. I was blind at the age of twenty-three, and reading became one of many things I could no longer do.

That is, until I learned about screen readers. I picked up reading with vengeance, but soon realized it was no longer enough, and so I started writing.

When I'm not writing or networking on social media, you can find me in the kitchen, listening to loud music while baking (often misshapen) goodies, or cooking favorite dishes.

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My Take on the Book:

This story is told in two timelines: one from the past and the present timeline. It was interesting to see how cold Carol can be when faced with someone that she doesn’t like.

This is a book that kept me turning the pages until situation in the present day had reached a climax. I ended up giving this book a four star rating and got a copy in exchange for an honest review.

Last Word:

I was impressed by this book – and will read more books by this author in the future.