Review - The Olympus Trinity by Brian Coggins Jr

By Carmen, 7 November 2022
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Genre: Myths & Legends, Greek Gods

Year Published: 2022


How much would you sacrifice to protect your family when everything isn't enough? This epic fantasy adventure will take you on a journey following the Greek Gods and the original Olympus Trinity.

Zeus, the King of the Gods, fears no man, being, or anything of nature in the universe except one thing . . . the loss of family. Opposed to the cruel ways of his vicious father, Kronos, Zeus has strived endlessly in instilling the traditions his mother Rhea taught to him—Family is Everything. In spite of all his protection over his children, destiny ignores no one.

When a mysterious figure comes to his home, Zeus discreetly turns to his reticent brother Hades, God of the Underworld, for answers. Unfortunately, the rebellious and uncontrollable Ocean God, Poseidon, seeks for the answers his way that collides the troubled lives of the forefathers.

Needing to cast aside their differences, the Olympus Trinity must work together if they are to unravel the threads of a perilous mystery of their past.

About the Author:

Brian Coggins Jr. is not only a science fiction and epic fantasy nerd but loves reinventing stories about Greek mythology and history. Writing has always been a pathway to another world for Brian as his inspiration for character development and intricate mystery plots flourished from his time in film school in Orlando, Florida. He is trying to create an exclusive fulfilling reading experience that indulges your imagination and dives you into a complex, action adventure universe full of diverse characters.

When Brian isn't writing, he is spending time with his friends and family, traveling with his wife, or doing house chores that his wife tells him he never gets to.

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My Take on the Book:

One thing I wasn’t the hugest fan of was the length of the fight scenes – they could have been a bit shorter. Out of the three Greek Gods – I preferred Zeus, even though he had had his own faults in the past.

I ended up giving this book a four star rating and got a copy in exchange for an honest review.

Last Word:

I get the idea that this could end up being a series, and if it is, most certainly wouldn’t mind reading the next book in the series.