Review - Claims by NKR

By Carmen, 29 August 2022
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Genre: Contemporary

Year Published: 2021


"She said to me, she said, do you like girls, and I said, they're more fun than boys."

You want to hear a story about a poor little girl who just won't let life drag her down, no matter what? Who keeps persisting, again and again, to find happiness and kittens at every turn? I don't care. No, this book is about me, and how she ruined my life. I didn't know this at first but that damn girl just kept showing her face, taunting me. This is my book. She's a bitch.

But she's not a bitch, because she's perfect. This is a story about Tillie and the people who love her. A psychological drama about how a love triangle violently degenerates after sex has been added in to the equation. But I'm the most important; after all, I made her what she is today.

About the Author:

Nkr started putting stories down in college, due to the necessity of finishing a major, though she began writing in the 6th grade, with an attempted sonnet idealizing the night and owls. The genre that she vastly prefers to write in currently is psychological drama. Her first novel, Just One More Day, was started because of frustration at homosexuality being looked down upon, so the main character is gay. Her second novel, Claims, began from an incident in her teenage years, though the story itself is definitely fiction. She's constantly jotting down notes for current or future characters, much to the confusion of any bosses she's had, and always seems to have three or four stories on the back burner, at least until one character proves dominance.

Connect with the Author:

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My Take on the Book:

A lot of the writing seemed vague – almost like a stream of consciousness. The ending was interesting – I wonder what happened with Jonathan and to Tillie after the incident.

I ended up giving this book a three star rating and got a copy in exchange for an honest review.

Last Word:

There were pieces where the author seemed to be decent at writing – this author could be someone to watch if they decided to learn more about the writing craft.