Review - The Red Button by Keith Eldred

By Carmen, 17 January 2022
My Copy of the Book

Genre: Historical Fiction

Year Published: 2020


Belle Endicott and Ebenezer Scrooge are young, bookish, hardworking Londoners drawn together by button-making. His brand-new factory threatens her family’s tiny shop, yet they fall in love and start planning their future. When personal and business calamities strike, they confront them vigorously side by side, but ultimately something has to give. We know what it is. They do not.

About the Author:

Keith Eldred created the THIS IS RED project with his wife Janet, a public library director diagnosed with early-stage dementia. With Janet’s condition making every day precious, they decided to make the most of 2020, the year of their 30th anniversary, by publishing 20 books. All profits from these titles go the Hollidaysburg Area Public Library, where Janet works.

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My Take on the Book:

This is a lovely holiday/festive season read – one thing I would have liked is to have scenes with Belle and her complete family unit, because her family seemed like such a cozy one. I got the idea that it was Belle’s mother who would have been the ultimate carer for the family.

I ended up giving this book a four star rating and got a copy in exchange for an honest review.

Last Word:

It would be interesting if this author wrote more fiction books.