Highlights of the Month - February - March 2021

By Carmen, 1 April 2021

Hello Everyone,

As you can tell, I’ve combined two months again; since I haven’t done a huge amount of reading over these two months. Overall, I had quite decent reading material, and have some interesting mentions:

- The Anti-Relationship Year by Katie Wismer was a definite favourite out of this lot, and I’ll be reading more books by this author in the future.

Two other worthy mentions are ‘Sketches of Life’ by A Gavazzoni and ‘Luck’ by Chris Coppel which are ones that I also enjoyed to varying degrees, and the non-fiction ‘It’s a Mad World’ by Susie Kelly was also enjoyable.

Last Word:

Lately I’ve been doing a fair amount of leisure reading behind the scenes – though I do have one review book to read for April; maybe I’ve delve into another review book during the month as well.

Since I’m probably only going to be doing a tiny amount of reading for April, I’m most likely going to be combining it with May as well. For the moment, I’m enjoying the leisure reading I’m doing behind the scenes – doing a little reading for myself for a change.

Hope you had a great month of reading,

Chat Soon,