Highlights of the Month - November 2020

By Carmen, 1 December 2020

Hello Everyone,

Again, I didn’t do a huge amount of reading this month. Same as last month actually – only three, and again – only review books.

I enjoyed them all in different ways, and don’t quite have a particular favourite this month.

Last Word:

My main focus for this month was Nanowrimo – which ended up going well for me. I’m not quite sure what the month of December is going to hold for me. Usually in December I’m quite busy with my part-time job – so I can’t guarantee that I’m going to get much reading done in December either.

There are also other things that I’m trying to set into motion – so that I can start 2021 on a good note.

One thing I would like to do for the month of December is finish the leisure books that I’ve been reading for the last little while – I’m behind on my Goodreads Reading Challenge; and might even have to lessen the goal by a little bit so that I’m able to achieve it.

I might also focus more on reading leisure books next month – particularly craft books; since I’m going to be taking on something else next year. For the moment, I’m not going to say anything about what I’m taking on – but will most likely be revealing it in next month’s ‘Highlights of the Month’ – it might even take a little bit more focus away from reading. But let’s first see how things go.

Hope you had a great month of reading,

Chat Soon,