Review - A Cat Called Cupid by Mazy Morris

By Carmen, 20 October 2018
My Copy of the Book

Year Published: 2014

Genre: Chick Lit; Humorous


Cupid the Cat is fed up with his Lady, Ann. She has no taste in men. Her current boyfriend reeks of cologne, is deliberately careless with his feet, and openly states that dogs are fundamentally superior to cats. However, Craig, Cupid and Ann's human neighbor, is practically perfect. He’s handy with a can opener, he politely steps around napping felines, and he never ever turns up the stereo to earsplitting decibels. It also doesn’t hurt that Craig and his cute Siamese lady-cat come as a package deal.

The way to a cat’s heart may be a can of tuna, but Cupid’s having a little trouble figuring out the key to human relationships. Helping Craig win Ann’s heart proves to be an unexpected challenge. Cupid will have to employ all of his feline wiles to purge the place of the odious cat-hating boyfriend and ensure a happily-ever-after for Craig and Ann.

About the Author:

Hi, there! I write feel-good romance, romantic comedy and humorous women's fiction. In my spare time I try to keep my houseplants alive.

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My Take on the Book:

I was a bit iffy about this book when I first started it, but as I went on; the novella got better – especially considering the fact that there isn’t a lot of conversation that actually goes on in the book since it’s told from the point of view of a cat – that doesn’t end up talking to his owner. I ended up giving this leisurely read a four star rating.

Last Word:

Since I ended up finding this book enjoyable – I definitely want to see if I can read more books from this author in the future.

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