Highlights of the Month - August 2020

By Carmen, 1 September 2020

Hello Everyone,

Can you believe that I have enough to write about for the month of August – even though the blog would indicate otherwise. I ended up doing a fair amount of reading behind the scenes during August. I did one book review, and the rest was all leisure reading. There were two leisure books that I ended up finishing in August: one was a novel, the other non-fiction.

Out of the three books, I wasn’t a huge fan of the leisure novel I picked. The leisure reads I have kept strictly to Goodreads, and have decided that there will be leisure books from now on that I will only be reviewing exclusively on Goodreads, and nowhere else. On this front, it’ll alleviate the pressure of having to post a review every single time I finish a book to my book blog.

Last Word:

This also leads me to another issue that I also had during the month of July and August: not being able to post reviews on Amazon due to not having spent $50 in the last year. This was resolved towards the end of August, when I’d finally caught up and had spent enough to start reviewing again. This was quite a relief, and I’m in the process of catching up on the reviews that I would have posted earlier on in August and for the month of July.

It feels as if I’ve gotten back into the swing of reading – though not at the rate that I was going at before. I’ve got some review reading lined up for myself for September, so you’ll definitely be seeing reviews from me this coming month. I’m still behind on my Goodreads reading goal – though at this rate; who knows – maybe I’ll still catch up.

At the moment, I’m busy with a leisure read, and a review read: ‘Alice’ by Hugo Vickers, and ‘Shadow Resistance’ by B.J. Cyprian. The latter is the review read. Neither of these books would be considered light reading, but I’m definitely enjoying them.

Hope you had a great month of reading,

Chat Soon,