Review - Over the Pass, and Other Stories by Susan Mary

By Carmen, 17 October 2018
My Copy of the Book

Year Published: 2018

Genre: Short Stories


From the expansive openness of Texas to the steep peaks of Montana, this collection of stories mines iconic landscapes--the internal mirroring the outer realms.

Many previously published in Literary journals and anthologies, some, original here, all explore what it means to be human.

They are stories of the heart.

About the Author:

Texas native Susan Mary Malone has published two novels plus four co-authored nonfiction books, and many short stories in literary journals and anthologies, as well as the recent publication of her short-story collection by Dark Horse Fiction. Her happiness is fiction, wine, and Labrador Retrievers, the latter of which she raises, trains, and shows. Literature is her love. In addition to writing, she edits; fifty-plus Malone-edited books have sold to traditional publishers, and one of them was made into a Hallmark Hall of Fame film. Her stories revolve around the passions and purpose, the myths and meaning of women's lives. Which often involves wine. She does, however, try to keep the Labradors out of that.

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My Take on the Book:

There were some stories that worked for me; and there were some that didn’t. Out of the lot, I liked ‘Illusions of the Heart’ and ‘The Dream Delicious’, simply because they had the lightest atmosphere. For those that like deep examination of the human mind and emotions, which has a somber tone, you’ll like this one. Those that prefer writing that has a lighter tone, you most likely won’t be a fan of this. I ended up giving this book a three star rating and got a copy in exchange for an honest review.

Last Word:

I could appreciate the writing and musing that went on in these stories. The writing itself was nice, though the tone was a little bit heavy for me.