Highlights of the Month - January 2020

By Carmen, 1 February 2020

Hello Everyone,

As most of you probably know – January has been a very leisurely reading month – I’ve only read two books this month; which is barely anything for me.

I’ve done a combination of review and leisure reading this month. Since I did so little reading – I’ve only got extremely few choices for favourites, since the one that I’ve read I haven’t done a review for yet – and am only doing in February. So the favourite for this month is:

- The Little Friend by Donna Tartt.

Maybe February will go a little bit better.

Monthly Reading Goals:

Alright, so I can say that I’ve started my reading goal for January, but didn’t necessarily finish it. I’m going to set down some goals for this coming month – but I don’t want to guarantee that I’m going to get to this. Anyways, here are the reading goals for FEBRUARY:

Read either:

- A Romance


- A Christian Non-Fiction book

Last Word:

I’m not sure how the month of February is going to go – for all I know, I could have another fairly leisurely reading month. My schedule is going to be a bit busier, so we’ll have to see how reading goes. As I said in one of my other blog posts during the previous month – my focus is shifting in a slightly different direction, so reading isn’t going to be a primary focus; though I’m still hoping to get a review in every week.

Hope you had a great month of reading,

Chat Soon,