Sidenote on 2019...and going into 2020

By Carmen, 6 January 2020
Welcome to 2020

Ready for 2020?

There were times when 2019 wasn’t that great for me; and unfortunately it didn’t end that great either.

The first half of the year went fairly alright; but the last half of the year was pretty busy with some other things going on.

I unfortunately didn’t get the amount of reading done that I wanted to – and this was most likely due to the later half of the year that was fairly busy.

It’s very likely that I’ve burnt myself out a little bit during this period as well. Along with that, I didn’t quite get the things done that I’ve wanted to due to time constraints. As you can imagine; it’s left me fairly frustrated to say the least.

Things have been monotonous and stagnant for the last little while.

So, reflecting on 2019 – I going to need to make some changes in 2020, for my own soul and sanity.

I need to start shifting in a direction that resonates with me. One thing that’s resonating with me this year, is creativity.

Details on this is very elusive; but I need to find a way to incorporate it a lot more into my daily life this year.

For 2020; I’m going to be focusing a lot more on myself and on the direction that I want to go in.

I’m not sure how reading is going to go this year; since it’s most likely that I’m going to be focusing on other things this year.

It feels like I need to do a lot of self-work this year – so that I can have a bit more of a life than I did last year. It feels like I’ve been a bit too reclusive the past year – and for the sake of not ‘killing’ my soul; I need to get out of that.

The headspace that I’ve been in lately hasn’t been the greatest either; and to get out of this headspace; I need to make changes around me, both internally and in the environment around me that I’m exposed to.

So ultimately, I’m not sure how this year is going to go; but I’m hoping that I can steer myself in the direction that I need to go in. I’ve been doing a lot of journaling over the past few days to try and figure out how to move forward this year.

How has your year been going so far this year?

*Side-note: I think I also sometimes get a little bit frustrated if things are going a little bit slow, so I have an idea that I’m also going to need a lot of patience this year as well.