Highlights of the Month - December 2019

By Carmen, 1 January 2020

Hello Everyone,

December has been a busy and difficult month – I managed to get six books done despite it being a bit of a bad month.

Here are some favourites of the month; in no particular order:

- Colombiano by Rusty Young

- Killer Soul Mate by Ken Hicks and Anne Rothman-Hicks

- Bones of the Earth by Eliot Pattison

Monthly Reading Goals:

Alright, so – I managed to start one book for the month of December; so what I’m going to do is carry over some of what I didn’t get to in the month of December for the month of JANUARY:

Read either:

- A Fantasy


- A Crime/Mystery novel

Last Word:

I’m hoping to get some leisure reading done this month.

I’m being tentative with my Goodreads Reading Challenge this year – in case things go bottoms up. I plan on doing a blog post just wrapping up the past year and then how I’m planning on going forward in 2020.

I’m hoping that January is going to be a good month – and am starting things off on an easy and fairly relaxed pace. What are your reading goals for 2020?

Hope you had a great month of reading,

Chat Soon,