Highlights of the Month - October 2019

By Carmen, 1 November 2019

Hello Everyone,

October was an alright reading month – I didn’t get everything done that I wanted to, but I got most of it done. I ended up reading six books, which is one more book than I did in September. Anyways, here is a list of books that I enjoyed in the month of October:

- Shamus Dust by Janet Roger

- Fallen Trees by Stan Finger

I’ve slowly been trying to get my review reading up to date – and I’m almost there.

Monthly Reading Goals:

I at least managed to start October’s book – though I’ll only be finishing it in November. Anyways, having said that, here is the genres I plan on reading in the month of NOVEMBER

Read either:

- Fantasy


- Literary

I’m hoping that November is going to be a good month, and that I’ll get a tiny little bit more leisure reading done.

Last Word:

I’m hoping to have a good reading month in November. I’m not sure how my reading schedule is going to go, so I’m hoping to keep it fairly open. It seems like I’ve got a fair amount of review reading to do, though with other things going on as well – I’m not sure how I’m going to be balancing everything out.

It’s also NaNoWriMo this month – so I’m also going to be focusing on that and am hoping to finish it.

Hope you had a great month of reading,

Chat Soon,