Update - Bookish Giveaway

By Carmen, 2 October 2018

Hello Everyone,

Alright, I held a bookish giveaway last week – thinking that a week was going to be more than enough time for people to enter – but I unfortunately wasn’t able to give it the attention it needed since I was pretty busy; so I’ve decided to extend it by a week. Here is a nutshell version of the competition: One winner will be winning THREE EBOOKS from three different authors.

Just another side-note I want to make before I carry on – all the authors that are part of this giveaway are authors whose books I’ve read before, and have really enjoyed. These authors are either self-published or indie-published, and are definitely worth reading.

So without further ado, here are the authors as well as the titles of the books that they’ve kindly agreed sponsor for this bookish giveaway:

Millie Thom - Shadow of the Raven (Sons of Kings Book 1)
Historical Fiction

David Meredith – Aaru (The Aaru Cycle Book 1)

Lindy Dale - The Story of Us: You (The Story of Us Trilogy Book 1)

As before, this competition is being held on Rafflecopter – here is the link:

Rafflecopter Link

Last Word:

Feel free to share this Bookish Giveaway on social media – it’s always important to support indie-published and self-published authors; especially those that take their writing careers seriously and whose books are worth reading. I will be announcing the winner on Twitter on the 10th of October.

And who knows – you might become a fan of some new authors!