Highlights of the Month - September 2019

By Carmen, 2019

Hello Everyone,

September was definitely a better month than August was. I managed to get five books read this month; and here is a small list of the favourites:

- A Storm of Swords (the review isn’t out of this one yet – but it’s coming!)

- The Neon God by Ben D’Alessio

I’m glad that I managed to catch up a little bit with review reading.

Monthly Reading Goals:

I am SO glad that I managed to get to this in September – though as predicted; I didn’t finish the book. Having said that, here are the monthly goals for OCTOBER:

Read either:

- A Horror or Thriller novel


- A good Fantasy or Paranormal novel

It’s strange how I’ve been in a little bit of a fantasy mood lately – good world-building, paranormal or fantasy creatures – but we’ll see if I get to these books this month.

Last Word:

Even though I had a good reading month – I didn’t get to all the review books that I needed to catch up – so I’ll be carrying on this process in October. As I mentioned in one of my previous posts; I’m also on some Iron Supplements as well, which will be carrying on in October as well.

I’m hoping to have an even better reading month in October – even though I’m not quite sure how the month is going to turn out for me yet. I’m really hoping that I’ll get one or two thriller or horror books in.

What do you have planned for the month of October? Let me know on social media!

Hope you had a great month of reading,

Chat Soon,