Review - The Betrayal of Ka by Shea Oliver

By Carmen, 14 September 2019
My Copy of the Book

Year Published: 2015

Genre: Sci-Fi; Contemporary


As the spaceship secretly lands on Earth, Ka’s mission is clear: find and kill Transprophetics. His shipmates think of him as a killer. On his home planet of Koranth, he is considered a murderer. Haunted in his dreams by the boy whose life he stole, Ka struggles to define who he really is.

A girl in a temple in Thailand. A boy kidnapped in Mexico. Both can do the impossible. Both can move objects with their minds. These two Transprophetics pose grave risks to the Donovackia Corporation as it plans its invasion of Earth.

With a blade in his hand, Ka’s decision to kill, or not, will reverberate across the galaxy.

About the Author:

Shea Oliver lives in Niwot, Colorado, near the base of the Rocky Mountains. He can often be found wandering through mountain forests and alpine tundra. An avid hiker and photographer, he often uses his time in the mountains to work through various characters and plots. When he is not enjoying nature, Shea is a devoted father of two teenage sons and a serial entrepreneur.

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My Take on the Book:

This book had an interesting concept, though a person doesn’t find out a huge amount about the characters or some of the minor characters motivations behind the things that they do. One thing I definitely liked was that the chapters were short.

There were times where Kadamba Vorhoor seemed like a bit of a complex character – and with the plot twist that was revealed, I feel that even though it was supposed to be the same person; they felt like two completely different characters. I ended up giving this book a three star rating and got a copy in exchange for an honest review.

Last Word:

Even though this is the author’s first book and there’s a lot of room to grow and improve – I’d be curious as to what the next book in the series will reveal.