Highlights of the Month - August 2019

By Carmen, 1 September 2019

Hello Everyone,

August hasn’t exactly been a pleasant month or a good reading month. I only managed to read three books – seriously; only three books!

I enjoyed all of them in their various capacities.

Monthly Reading Goals:

Since August hasn’t exactly been a pleasant month, I didn’t end up getting to this. So once again – I’m carrying this over. Here are the picks for SEPTEMBER:

Read either:

- A romance novel


- A classic novel

I’m really hoping that I’ll be getting to one of these in September, since I’m craving a good book to read.

Last Word:

So, for August, not only was it busy; but I had health issues as well where I had to be booked into hospital for Anemia. I had to get three units of blood and an Iron supplement. What I plan on doing is a blog post about this experience, since just touching on it here isn’t quite sufficient.

I’m really hoping that the month of September is going to go better, and that I’ll catch up on the books I didn’t get to in August. I’m also hoping that I’ll get to some leisure reading as well as one of the books that I picked for my monthly reading goal.

Hope you had a great month of reading,

Chat Soon,