Review - Curse of the Red Dawn by Aaron Dawbot

By Carmen, 29 September 2018
My Copy of the Book

Year Published: 2018

Genre: Paranormal; Horror


After defeating one of the most powerful demons to ever set hoof on our plane, Thomas Arsen—the immortal reaper hybrid—stumbles upon a peculiar calling-card left on the demon’s possessed body. He takes upon himself to investigate the mystery that revolves around the mysterious words etched with blood, RED STAR.

With the aid of his mortal friends, Thomas follows the dangerous scent and gains access to a secret circuit dealing with the arcane arts of necromancy. Their leader, Dr.Victor Murik had sold his soul for a set of dark talents, and brought forth a malevolent drug that claimed the life of hundreds. Leaving a swath of discarded lifeless youth all over the struggling city of San Diera.

As Thomas collects more details about the drug trafficking operation, more comes to light, he discovers that the real menace is yet to show it’s heinous face. With a brooding threat that promises to engulf the world. Will Thomas prevail against all the dour odds, and save humanity from the emerging claws of hell?

Curse of the Red Dawn is a spine-chilling, supernatural horror novel, set in the Arsen universe. A must-read for those who crave dark tastes in fiction.

About the Author:

Writer, blogger, fictionist.

Let me just say I'm your average Joe, I work hard for a living. Although I've been blessed to have an amazing profession as a cardiologist, I still feel that I could share much more with the world.

Born in Baghdad (A city pretty much famous with ancient stories and mythology).Since my early years in Southampton, UK, I have always felt a special knack for fantasy and adventure. Everyone who knew me always noticed how my gaze drifted to some unseen world. As the years flew by, I discovered that I wasn't alone in my madness after all. Hundreds of fiction books later, It came to me that I can contribute with fictions of my own. In this time and age, everyone with a fresh idea can easily share his/her vision, and even better, make a living from it as well.

To me nothing is better than to create a world where imaginary beings could live in, craft adventures that tease the imagination, expanding our common consciousness.

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My Take on the Book:

This is a small backstory that involves Thomas Arsen where he meets Lonnie Richter on a mission that Thomas undertakes to battle the very depths of evil and people that have given up their humanity to serve darkness. If you enjoy paranormal that has a fair amount of horror – you’ll enjoy this book. I ended up giving this book a three star rating.

Last Word:

It was nice to get the backstory; and I’ve definitely enjoyed the other two books in the series – this one was a lot darker than I was expecting – but I’m glad that Thomas and Lonnie got out of the mess that they had gotten into.