Review - Turn Your Pain into Art by Ariel Bloomer

By Carmen, 24 May 2019
My Copy of the Book

Year Published: 2018

Genre: Non-Fiction


In this hilarious, candid, and warm debut, Icon For Hire vocalist Ariel Bloomer bares her soul and shares her struggles, coupling accessible autobiography with practical advice and inspiration for navigating the messiest parts of life. From growing up a passionate but troubled spiritual seeker to chasing her rock n' roll dreams, Bloomer's journey illustrates the importance of cultivating self-love and the transformational nature of creativity, and how to access the artist inside all of us. Turning one's pain into art is an intense but rewarding endeavor, and is one we can all benefit from if we're brave enough to say yes to the challenge.

About the Author:

Ariel Bloomer is the vocalist and songwriter for Billboard-charting duo Icon For Hire. Her YouTube channel, The REL Show, inspires thousands of viewers each week with its refreshing approach to self-help. When not on tour, you can find her designing clothes, baking Swedish cookies, and exploring her city of Nashville, TN. Turn Your Pain Into Art is her first book.

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My Take on the Book:

I liked how Ariel mentioned her band every now and then – a person gets the impression that Icon for Hire started right from the bottom and worked their way up. And even though I enjoyed these small sections of the book, it wasn’t the point of the book. One thing I definitely enjoyed was hearing her life story.

I ended up giving this leisurely read a solid four star rating.

Last Word:

I would most certainly like it if Ariel wrote another book – this time on the band; since this is a part of the book that I couldn’t get enough of. Hopefully it’ll happen one day.