Review - #Toots by Linh Le James

By Carmen, 6 May 2019
Book Cover

Year Published: 2019

Genre: Chick Lit with a lot of humour


LONDON: Four sisters swipe left on everything they hate, one cocktail at a time.

Louise dreams of an exotic lifestyle, miles away from Hackney. Nick comes along. Famous, fit, funny and filthy rich. Louise will stop at nothing to seduce him.

Louise will fake it till she makes it. All the way to the ka-ching bling ring.

But the little white lies soon snowball into a mountain Louise’s Louboutins can’t climb.

Jess juggles work, two babies, a cheating husband and nannies from hell.

Carla goes on a bender, and wakes up next to her young assistant. Freddie.

Emily is getting over her cheating ex by throwing herself into the dating scene.

When work, dating and proposals all go wrong, the four sisters’ friendship is their only lifeline.

About the Author:

Linh is Vietnamese. She was born and grew up in France. After college, she moved to Southern California and lived there for a few years before settling in the UK for 15 years, first in Wales, then in Surrey. In 2018, she packed all of her shoes, her kids, hubby, and the Dog and moved to the UAE.

Storytelling is her passion since childhood.

Things about her she doesn't want you to know:

She forgets to pack the girls' snack and then has to run to school to deliver it.

She has two alarms set on her phone for the school pick-up.

She pretends to have meditation sessions in order to have a nap.

Her kids eat more greens than she does.

80% of her daily water intake is made up by coffee, the rest by wine.

Connect with the Author:

Twitter: Linh Le James Twitter

Auhtor Website: Linh Le James Author Website

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My Take on the Book:

Once I got into this book, it was very intriguing. From the start, it was Emily that stood out to me the most; the others slowly started developing a little way in. The cliffhanger was a clever one, and I definitely can't wait to find out what happens in the next one. I ended up giving this book a four star rating and got a copy in exchange for an honest review.

Last Word:

It's the first time that I've read a book by this author - and I'm so glad that I did. I'm definitely likely to enjoy future books by her.