Highlights of the Month - March 2019

By Carmen, 1 April 2019

Hello Everyone,

And another month is gone – I’ve managed to read 8 books; and do one re-read. Considering that I was planning on having a quiet month, I reckon I did pretty well. And as always, there are a few reading highlights, so here they are – and as usual, in no particular order:

- The Broken Branches by Becky Villareal

- Lilac Girls by Martha Hall Kelly

- Gold Diggers by Tasmina Perry

The last one I haven’t done a review for yet – but that will be happening this month. But, I have one more that I NEED to add:

- The Knife of Never Letting Go by Patrick Ness; Narrated by Humphrey Bower

This was the re-read for me – and I have DEFINITELY come to appreciate this book a lot more than the first time I read it. And on top of that – I’ll definitely be getting a paperback at some stage.

Monthly Reading Goals:

Alright, so the month of March went alright. And as I have mentioned, I will be doing the other section of March’s reading goals if not this week, then most likely next week. Anyways, here is APRIL’S monthly reading goals:

Read either:

A Non-Fiction Book


A Horror Novel

I have very specific books in mind with the categories/genres that I’ve mentioned over here – and with one of them; I’m going to have to read it while I’m in the mood to read it – otherwise it could be quite a while before I’m in the mood to read it again. So I’m going with the mood while it’s there.

Last Word:

I get the idea that I’m going to have a productive reading month in April – and I really hope that that is the case; and that it lasts for the whole of April without me burning out in the process – so wish me luck.

It seems like I’m going to have a bit of an interesting reading list for April; and I’m definitely looking forward to it.

Hope you had a great month of reading,

Chat Soon,