Opening Post

By Carmen, 1 September 2018

Hello Everyone,

This is my opening post on my new blogging website – and I’m so happy that this website is finally up!

There is still some work to be done for this website to be minimally functional – so there will be some more updates.

I am planning quite a bit for this blog – so in the next few months, there will be occasional updates as well.

I am going to be planning a giveaway for the opening of this website, and will be keeping you all updated on this. One thing I want to say is Thank You to everyone who has come this far with me – I really appreciate it!

It has been a long road planning this website – but it has been SO worth it – and I really appreciate all the work that has been done on it.

For those who are viewing this new blogging website of mine – feel free to give me feedback on what you like or even dislike about it. Also keep in mind that there is potential for occasional hiccups – but I really hope you stick with me through this as the website gets developed.

So, Welcome!

Thank you and enjoy,